Tuesday, 26 June 2012

half a week

On Saturday we went to a birthday party, I was giving my squiggly friends son a lift to party. We had to go past elephant rock. Elephant rock is so cool, big rock shaped like an elephant, locals paint messages on it all the time. On the way to party we saw people painting, so had to check it out on the way home.

Zach and his friend Master J

We have been playing with duplo.
This is Nessie, She is a plesiosaur
It says pac-man, for some reason I can't rotate the photo

Zach is wanting to help wth cleaning dishes, but only cups and bowls, that's ok.

I made apple strudel, used old apples that were a bit soft, can't throw them out. was very yum for breakfast.


went op shopping today, very excited to find circular needles for a dolla  and found some more wool as well. going to search on ravelry for more patterns.
so what have you all been up to this week?


  1. op shopping with a very lovely friend! xx

  2. Hi. I just came across your blog and loved the pic of elephant rock! I am in Belgrave, and new to this area, but is it near here somewhere? Very cool! I think i may know who the message was for. I shared a link to your blog on her page in case it is for her. Hope you don't mind! Great blog. :o)

    1. Hello! Elephant Rock is between Emerald and Beaconsfield. Thanks for reading, I don't mind the link, funny I don't mind strangers reading my blog, but too shy to let some people I know, that I have a blog : )