Monday, 11 June 2012

The tigers

It's four am, Monday morning and I am on my third break at work, in a few hours I'll be heading home on the train. I'll sleep all day and go back to work again tonight, I won't see Zach at all today, he is with his dad.
We went to the MCG on Saturday afternoon, to watch his team play. He likes the Richmond Tigers. It was our second game ever, the last time we went was a year ago. We went with friends and watched Richmond play Hawthorn. Richmond got their but kicked. Zach saw people wearing shirts with the tiger face on it and decided he wanted one too. I remember him telling my friend that he liked the Tigers and she felt bad for him when she told him "but they're losing" he didn't care.
I bought him a tiger shirt and he wore it to auskick each week last year, it's now getting a bit short on him, but I don't want to buy a larger size unless he still likes the tigers. He's only seven and could still change his mind about who he follows. But it looks like he is still keen on them.
We caught the train into the city. It was rainy and we had matching blue gumboots on.
As we were walking to the MCG, I discovered Zach doesn't understand the word 'against' I told him Richmond was playing against Freemantle. He wanted to know who Richmond versus? Ok it's Richmond versus Freemantle. What colors they are? I had to ask someone what Freemantles colors were, they told me, but looked at me very strangely.
We somehow ended up sitting in reserved seating. Part way through the third quarter, Zach needed to go toilet, we had talked about what happens if he needed to go, he needed to ask, no running off, or mumma would get very worried. He asked! And I could tell he wanted to go by himself, so I let him go, he said he knew where to go. I gave him a few minutes then I went and waited outside the toilets for him. I let him go just that little bit and I was ok.
Richmond was tie for a while, but then they lost. Zach was getting restless and with fifteen minutes to go was wanting to go home. I figured if you're going to follow a team, you'd better stick it out to the sometimes bitter end, so we weren't going till that siren sounded. By the last five minutes I hoped that they would miraculously kick a few goals, but no.
Zach started to cry, when he realised his team lost. I told him not to cry about that, I pointed to the players, they started shaking hands with each other as soon as the siren went. I told him the players were saying to each other 'well done' I explained to Zach if he loses at something, he straight away needs to shake hands with the winner and say 'well done' or 'good job' and if he wins, he needs to shake hands with who ever lost. No crying if you lose and no teasing if you win, I want him to be a good sport regardless if he wins or not.
He did seem to take in what I was saying, time will tell.
And we did have fun, regardless of who won.
Finishing this off on the train, only so much you can write in a half hour break.
It is now my night, so off to bed I go, sweet dreams to me and a good morning to you all x♥x♥

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