Saturday, 23 June 2012

new shoes and a fish named inky

It is approximately ten weeks since I last bought Zach a new pair of shoes and that is not how long they lasted. This week was a gumboot week because his shoes seriously wouldn't cut it in this weather, the toes are falling off. But Friday mornings, Zach has PE and I knew he would need runner,. so Thursday night we did the dreaded shoe shop. A few days prep was done, ie "no Zach, I don't think your dad can fix your shoes, he doesn't have special shoe glue" "shoe glue is very expensive, might be best if we buy shoes" the you're growing doesn't work, Zach believes that although he is getting bigger, his feet are not. Still with all the prep work, on our way to Fountain Gate, there were tears. He didn't want new shoes, "don't throw out my shoes, i don't want my feet measured either" I even tried to bribe him with ice cream or donuts. "NO, I think they might be too sticky!"
Walking into the building, still tears, walked past the the pet store, on impulse I said "Zach if we get you new shoes, I will get you a fish"
"Oh, OK, I think I need to get my feet measured" just like that, tears gone, walked into our regular shoe shop like he owned the place. Feet measured, shoes chosen, within five minutes and he wanted to keep wearing them!

We walk out and next to the shoes shop is Target with big signs TOY SALE! yeah Zach runs in
so he is rooming around the toy section, eyeing off all the 'cool' stuff, I sneakily put a video camera on lay by for him, takes still photos too and on sale for $39 cool birthday present I think. He'll love it.
went to the book section, had to get a birthday present for party on Saturday, found Animalia, yep classic, can't go wrong with that.

And So Excited found a book for Zach, it's called 'Blowing in the wind' and comes with cd with the song, that is for his birthday or Christmas. I'll decide at the start of December when I check the present stash inventory in the top of my walk-in-wardrobe, yes I'm starting the birthday/Christmas stash in June, also found another 'peanuts' dvd.So found Zach, holding some toys, I say "I thought we were going to get you a fish"
"Oh, I was just looking" puts them back so quick.
Outside Target Zach sees ice cream, near tantrum, reason with Zach did he want ice cream or a fish.

Zach chose a beautiful Siamese fighter with a silvery blue tail, no goldfish for us, they poo to much, don't want to clean bowl every two days. Zach wanted to call him pacfish. i said he is blue like Inky, oh , he liked Inky better, so the fighter is called Inky

The whole way home, there were discussions about Siamese fighters, warnings to drive carefully, no I couldn't play music, "fish don't like songs, they might get terrorised"

I cleaned out the fish bowl, I had my wrapping paper in it, conditioned the water, found pebbles and a silk plant and Inky had a new home.

Kitty who sleeps all day, sleeps all night, saw the bowl in the bedroom and suddenly looked very alert. I go to make hot chocolate, I hear yelling from  the bedroom, I go to check it out. Mr protective has carried kitty out of the room, "kitty tried to eat my fish, she jumped up" Ok, so the cat that Zach loves is now not allowed in the bedroom. later in bed all I can hear at the door is the cat, she wants to come in.
So decided to put Inky in the other bathroom, where the puppy's are, it's warm, the chihuahuas can't jump up on the counter and kitty doesn't go there because she doesn't like the puppy's.  Zach ok with that solution. now need to ensure in future that Zach doesn't try to take inky into the bath with him

Today, is now Saturday, Auskick is cancelled due to super mudbath conditions, so that means sleep in ☺
Wrapped Animalia and Zach decorated the paper.

 A few more layers on, so cold today and we ready to go!
Enjoy your weekend! x♥x♥

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  1. Coolest wrapping paper ever!
    I started Christmas shopping a week ago!