Tuesday, 12 June 2012

the photos we carry

It is one in the morning, I am on my second of three night shifts.
I talked to Zach on the way into work tonight. He had been to his grandparents with his dad. He was excited to tell me that he'd played with toys that were his dads when he was a boy. He so gets the connection to the past and now, he loves hearing stories about when I was little.
At work, an elderly lady was putting her money in her wallet, I saw an old black and white photo of a stunning young lady and one of a young man. I asked is that you? It was, I told her she was beautiful, I said you must have beautiful children. She was so pleased and told me about her grandchildren. Were the photos in her wallet a reminder of how beautiful she was fourty years ago, I don't know. So often I catch glimpses of the photos people carry. Most often they are of the grandchildren, photos of loved ones and I think that is so special.
I don't carry photos in my wallet, but my phone and I'm sure everyones phone these days are full of photos. I like to show off my Zach.

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