Thursday, 7 June 2012

I broke a cup

This morning I broke a cup and it upset me. I know it's just a cup, but I get attached to my cups.
One of my favorites was a mug given to me when I think I was maybe 17 or 18 from one of my high school friends, it had a picture of a tabby cat pouncing on a mechanical mouse, I loved that cup. I broke that one around three years ago and I was devastated! I know just a cup, but I had it over 15 years and the the picture was so cute!
A few years ago, I packed up the car and drove up to Canberra with Zach to see an art exhibition. I wanted to see 'Starry Night I got a poster, it's still rolled up somewhere, and a cup with 'Starry night' by Vincent van Gogh on it, that is my coffee cup.

Over a year ago, I went to the European masters art exhibition and I bought a cup with 'Walchensee in winter' by Lovis Corinth on it. That is my tea cup when I feel like drinking tea.

On our first trip to the new Ikea in Springvale, Zach and I choose some chunky happy flower mugs. They are the best for hot chocolate!

After Valentines day this year I bought a few heart mugs, they were such happy cups and I wish I bought more.

Yes, the cup I broke this morning was a happy heart cup, now it is a broken heart cup. I hid the broken cup from Zach, he would have been more upset than me, I think.

On Mother's day this year, Zach and I went to Polly Woodside and I bought him a cup with Polly Woodside on it.

Every night, Zach and I have a hot chocolate milk together, while we read our stories before bed and before saying prayers.
I think the right cup makes your drink taste better, could be just in my head. but if anyone sees a mug with a picture of a cat pouncing on a mechanical mouse, or cups with happy hearts on them, send them my way. X♥X♥


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