Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Summer, summer, summer

It has really felt like summer holidays! We have been enjoying them. Zach and I went camping at the start of jan with friends at Badger Creek. We love camping. It was so nice to get away. Zach and his friends walked up and down the creek, looking for the crays that lived there. We spent a lot of time in the pool, Zach's favourite thing to do was jump into the pool, make a big splash, get out and repeat.
We went to Healesville Sanctuary, we got up close to echidnas and got to feed them. They are really the cutest!

We went to the old railway station in Healesville and Zach was so excited to see that they had an old steamy there. In major need of restoration, Zach loved it!
No campfires because of fire restrictions, we even had to delay going home because there were grass fires less then five kilometres from home. Next school holidays we will go camping again, it will be a bit cooler and we can sit around the fire at night with hot chocolates for sure.
Because of the fire warnings, I have all our photo albums and documents all packed, ready for if we have to leave. Some days we left anyway, just to hot to stay. We went to the city with a friend from work and her little boy. We headed to Fed Square and checked out this amazing woven house! My weaving willow friend would love this!

We spent nearly two hours in the air conditioned bliss that is the National Gallery of Victoria, then another afternoon was spent at the swimming pool, Zach now wants me to dig a swimming pool in our yard.
We spent another day at the Melbourne Zoo with one of my friends.

Our second visit and we still haven't seen everything, I think we will be going every school holidays.

Yes, our summer holidays were fun! Xoxo

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

saying prayers for a chook

This was meant to be a really happy new year post, about how I'll be making olliebollan this afternoon, about my New Year's Eve. But it's not, sorry.
I was also going to write a post on the chicks that Zach and I got a few weeks ago and them growing up, but that won't be happening either.
I did work last night, I had a good shift. I got home at 3:30 slept until 7 this morning, let out the chooks went back inside, read all the 'happy new year stuff' on Facebook. About to back to sleep, big knock on my door. My neighbour 'A' was sobbing, I got so worried for her.

She was sobbing because her two dogs had got out and all my chooks were gone.
Disbelief, I went to the coop, I just saw all the still bodies. I could see two were still breathing, they went in our arms, I just couldn't do the neck wringing, so we just held them until they went.
I got a box, and A collected the others, one chicken was still alive.
She was alert and she might be ok, if she makes the next 24 hours, then I think she will be ok. She is in shock, she is drinking and being kept warm in the ensuite, I can hear her shuffling in her box.

I have a headache from crying and I am so tired.

I took this photo of some of my girls yesterday, they were seven weeks old. I loved that they would run out to see me.