Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I always think of September as 'My month' because my birthday is in September. I have definitely made it my month, my last blog was at least two weeks ago and looking through my photos, we have been busy.
I had a birthday, no party. When I change decades, I'll have a party. But Zach and I did go out for breakfast with some wonderful friends at a cafe. I was given flowers and fabric! I love flowers and fabric! Zach and I went to a playground, swings and climbing, fun.
I had that whole weekend off, so on the Saturday, I said "Zach lets go to a little island"
It was the best day, we had breakfast at Cook's Corner, I love that place!
On our way to the island, questions like "are there Komodo dragons?" "are we going to Komodo Island?" We went to the  Alfred Nicolas Memorial Gardens, I thought it was the first time that I had taken Zach there, but as we walked through the gardens, I had faint memories of taking Zach when he was maybe three years old. I was very unhappy then and don't remember much of that time, it is such a blur. Zach remembered the gardens and knew how to get to the islands.
the boat house
a little island
the dinosaurs came with us
the grand staircase leading to Burnham Beeches
We spent a few hours at the gardens, I took so many photos. Zach played with his dinosaurs, the stegosaurus floats. We had such a great time checking out the place. I'll remember this time.
When we left, I thought lets keep driving. Up the tourist road we went, to this quirky little place, Kalorama Kitchen. All the furniture and crockery is recycled and the menu is a photocopy glued to cardboard. The floor is uneven, I'm sure that place needs restumping, but it is open. Years ago, when I drove past, the place was shut, I thought abandoned. So good to be able to get a good coffee, even in the remotest part of the hills. Great views here too  
We went for a walk and discovered that that the footpath had been stamped every few meters with a fern branch or lyrebird tracks. I love it!
 So it was a very full day of exploring.
The next day we went and visited my squiggly friend at her market stall. I went a bit nuts at one stall and bought a few woodblock prints for Zach's room.
He had a ride, I loved the wheels of the front car.
This Weekend, We had a first birthday to go to, for our neighbours little girl. I was sewing like mad to get her present done, but in the end I thought we have to go, I don't want to be late. We visited Monday afternoon, with completed matryoshka doll. 
 Yesterday, I dropped Zach off at his dad's house, he is spending two days there for the school holidays. On my way home, I saw an echidna by the side of the road.
Today, Wednesday, I was at a bit of a loss of what to do with myself, I missed Zach.
I write more tomorrow
Good night

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The lemon tree

What a beautiful day! Zach's dad dropped him off at 3:30 today. I was so tired, so I had a coffee while Zach played with Lego. I saw out the window the neighbour mowing the lawn. I thought lets go make the most of this sunshine! Five minutes outside and I felt so awake! Decided to tackle the lemon tree out the back, it was covered in black spot and needed a good prune, I know it should have been done at the start of winter, but I'm usually a season behind when it comes to my garden.
poor tree
so much black spot
I pruned the tree big time and picked half a tub of lemons. This tree despite being covered in black spot has been producing great lemons and heaps of them too.
I picked a whole tub two weeks ago.
free lemons!
do you see Zach running
I told Zach that lemon trees grow better if you pee on them and now that it is warmer weather, he can pee outside on the lemon tree. He will.

Zach and his friend from next door were having a great time running around the yard. Zach showed him slater bugs and explained how they curl up when scared.
 The few nights we have forgotten to leave a note for the tooth fairy, explaining that his two teeth are at the hospital. So we have done that tonight, the nurse at the monash gave us a note, it is in a little bag under Zachs pillow.
Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine!

Friday, 7 September 2012

When life is hard, you eat potato skins

I was peeling potatoes to put in the pumpkin soup that we are having for dinner.
And I remembered when I was a child my grandparents (my mothers parents) would visit from The Netherlands and stay for a few weeks. My mother hated peeling potatoes and had read somewhere that the most nutrients were just under the potato skin, so she would just give them a good scrub and rinse.
The first night my grandfather looks at his plate and says "What! are we in the war!" So for the rest of their stay we ate peeled potatoes. You see they lived through the second world war and lived in the city, for part of the war my Pake (my mums father) was in a work camp, when he was temporarily released and was told he would be called to go elsewhere, it was without his Id papers. So for the rest of the war he was hiding and couldn't legally work. My Beppe was a wreak by the end of the war, the negative landlady would tell her everyday "Jan is dead, I'm sure of it, you might as well find yourself a new husband" Each meal was uncertain and nothing was wasted.
My dads parents lived in the country on a farm, so they had better access to meat and veggies, but still nothing was wasted. When the farmers in that region were told they had to give their wheat crops to the Germans and not keep it for themselves, they burnt their crops. My grandparents did help people hide, on their way to another safehouse, these people took risks and life was hard.
My dad was born after the war, he remembers his father coming into the kitchen everyday before lunch and peeling enough potatoes for the family, (my father was one of eleven children) any visitors and all the hired hands that would have lunch with them. The war was over, they were blessed and life is not so tough now, that they had to eat potato skins.
Yesterday Zach went to hospital for dental work, I was anxious about the cost, even though I have extras cover. I worried about so many things, other bills, do I have enough milk, must remember to stop off at chemist for child nurofen, must make sure it's strawberry flavoured.
When I was chopping up the pumpkin and cutting off the skin and removing the seeds, I was thinking what a hassle, but I don't like tinned soup. Then I started peeling those potatoes, I stopped to think, I have a job, I have access to dentists, hospitals, medicine, schooling, supermarkets, electricity, entertainment even. We are blessed, life is not so tough, that I need to eat potato skins and I think my Pake would be happy with that.

Now I am going to enjoy my pumpkin soup, my baby put himself to bed at four and is still sleeping, not fully recovered, but all went well. Thank you for your prayers, Goodnight all x♥x♥

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Shooting stars

Tomorrow Zach is going to get a lot of dental work done. A few fillings, his adult molars sealed, a tooth pulled and his teeth all cleaned.
A few weeks ago we tried to have the fillings done, we got as far a getting only a little of the local anaesthetic in, hysterics from your baby because the needle hurts is so upsetting.
So it was recommended Zach get all the work done under a general, because even if they could get all the needle in, Zach has to be still and not be bothered by all the dental work going on. I can't stand the sound of the drill and I don't have sensory issues, so it would be a major trial for Zach.
So tomorrow we are going to hospital for all the work to get done. The anaesthetist rang just before and went over a few things, we talked about keeping him calm. She had a nice voice, that so put me at ease.
Only problem is he is booked in for 12:30 so no food after 06:30, he doesn't even wake up until after seven. So I'm setting the alarm and will feed him some breakfast while is he is still probably half asleep.
I'm worried, I'm not sure how Zach will react to it all. He is seven, nearly eight, but he is my baby.
At dinner he asked "shooting stars are for wishes?"
"yes Zach they are"
"if you wish to be a anaconda, what would happen"
"I don't know Zach"
"I think it would work"
He has such faith that wishes on a shooting star would work, so I need to have faith everything will be ok. If I look back at my life, everything has always turned out ok.
Pray it all goes well, xoxo

Monday, 3 September 2012

lets go outside

Yesterday morning when I got home from work I took a few photos of some of my plants in my yard. first the divinely scented flowers by the front tap, I think they are jonquils.  

My lemon tree is so cheerful with all its yellowness

so are the daffodils
My avocado tree is getting ready for summer salads.
I don't like avocados, but I do pick them and share with all my friends
                                I finished a beanie on the train last night
It was such a beautiful day, I slept until three, but I did spend some time outside with Zach after school. Here he is minecrafting.
He mopped a bit of the kitchen floor after dinner and wanted to make warning signs, so people walking through would know the floor is wet and slippery.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Spring! : )

I get worried, I get tired, I get anxious, I get busy, I let life overwhelm me sometimes, I don't write and then suddenly it is SPRING!
I am so excited, flowers are springing up everywhere and I so need to see flowers. The other day on a walk , Zach and I looked at all the flowers that were blooming. I showed him jasmine, I love that scent, daffodils are everywhere, rhododendrons are starting to show, we smelled daphne, I love that one too. My lemon tree is full of bright cheery yellow lemons that I keep giving away, I am so glad spring is here.
The last few weeks have been worrying , dentist and other appointments for Zach, but more on that another day. I am so glad spring is here, last night at work I was practically counting down to spring. Did I mention my birthday is in spring, I don't really like getting older but I do like having a day all about me! Lunch somewhere with friends will be nice.
I am on the train to work again, I like people watching, while I am knitting. There is a girl wearing a singlet, flexing her arms showing off to her boyfriend how big her muscles are. There is a guy wearing headphones, reading, occasionally he looks out the window and smiles, there is an older woman looking very studious, reading too, soon this train will get fuller as we get closer to Melbourne. So interesting , people are.
Hope you all enjoyed your first day of spring today! xoxo