Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Shooting stars

Tomorrow Zach is going to get a lot of dental work done. A few fillings, his adult molars sealed, a tooth pulled and his teeth all cleaned.
A few weeks ago we tried to have the fillings done, we got as far a getting only a little of the local anaesthetic in, hysterics from your baby because the needle hurts is so upsetting.
So it was recommended Zach get all the work done under a general, because even if they could get all the needle in, Zach has to be still and not be bothered by all the dental work going on. I can't stand the sound of the drill and I don't have sensory issues, so it would be a major trial for Zach.
So tomorrow we are going to hospital for all the work to get done. The anaesthetist rang just before and went over a few things, we talked about keeping him calm. She had a nice voice, that so put me at ease.
Only problem is he is booked in for 12:30 so no food after 06:30, he doesn't even wake up until after seven. So I'm setting the alarm and will feed him some breakfast while is he is still probably half asleep.
I'm worried, I'm not sure how Zach will react to it all. He is seven, nearly eight, but he is my baby.
At dinner he asked "shooting stars are for wishes?"
"yes Zach they are"
"if you wish to be a anaconda, what would happen"
"I don't know Zach"
"I think it would work"
He has such faith that wishes on a shooting star would work, so I need to have faith everything will be ok. If I look back at my life, everything has always turned out ok.
Pray it all goes well, xoxo


  1. I pray that everything will go smoothly, calmly and successfully! xx

  2. Thank you. He has just gone under, a few tears from us both.

    1. I didn't realise he was going fully under... just read this post now... it is so hard watching them put your baby to sleep... even knowing it will only be for a short time. xx Sam resembled an octopus when he went under.