Saturday, 1 September 2012

Spring! : )

I get worried, I get tired, I get anxious, I get busy, I let life overwhelm me sometimes, I don't write and then suddenly it is SPRING!
I am so excited, flowers are springing up everywhere and I so need to see flowers. The other day on a walk , Zach and I looked at all the flowers that were blooming. I showed him jasmine, I love that scent, daffodils are everywhere, rhododendrons are starting to show, we smelled daphne, I love that one too. My lemon tree is full of bright cheery yellow lemons that I keep giving away, I am so glad spring is here.
The last few weeks have been worrying , dentist and other appointments for Zach, but more on that another day. I am so glad spring is here, last night at work I was practically counting down to spring. Did I mention my birthday is in spring, I don't really like getting older but I do like having a day all about me! Lunch somewhere with friends will be nice.
I am on the train to work again, I like people watching, while I am knitting. There is a girl wearing a singlet, flexing her arms showing off to her boyfriend how big her muscles are. There is a guy wearing headphones, reading, occasionally he looks out the window and smiles, there is an older woman looking very studious, reading too, soon this train will get fuller as we get closer to Melbourne. So interesting , people are.
Hope you all enjoyed your first day of spring today! xoxo

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