Sunday, 9 September 2012

The lemon tree

What a beautiful day! Zach's dad dropped him off at 3:30 today. I was so tired, so I had a coffee while Zach played with Lego. I saw out the window the neighbour mowing the lawn. I thought lets go make the most of this sunshine! Five minutes outside and I felt so awake! Decided to tackle the lemon tree out the back, it was covered in black spot and needed a good prune, I know it should have been done at the start of winter, but I'm usually a season behind when it comes to my garden.
poor tree
so much black spot
I pruned the tree big time and picked half a tub of lemons. This tree despite being covered in black spot has been producing great lemons and heaps of them too.
I picked a whole tub two weeks ago.
free lemons!
do you see Zach running
I told Zach that lemon trees grow better if you pee on them and now that it is warmer weather, he can pee outside on the lemon tree. He will.

Zach and his friend from next door were having a great time running around the yard. Zach showed him slater bugs and explained how they curl up when scared.
 The few nights we have forgotten to leave a note for the tooth fairy, explaining that his two teeth are at the hospital. So we have done that tonight, the nurse at the monash gave us a note, it is in a little bag under Zachs pillow.
Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine!

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