Monday, 3 September 2012

lets go outside

Yesterday morning when I got home from work I took a few photos of some of my plants in my yard. first the divinely scented flowers by the front tap, I think they are jonquils.  

My lemon tree is so cheerful with all its yellowness

so are the daffodils
My avocado tree is getting ready for summer salads.
I don't like avocados, but I do pick them and share with all my friends
                                I finished a beanie on the train last night
It was such a beautiful day, I slept until three, but I did spend some time outside with Zach after school. Here he is minecrafting.
He mopped a bit of the kitchen floor after dinner and wanted to make warning signs, so people walking through would know the floor is wet and slippery.


  1. Hi! Love the photos, and the sun! I love avocados by the way! I've also got your red jacket. xx

    1. Jodie, when they ready, you will be given heaps of avocados! Was wondering where I left my jacket, will get it soon xo

  2. So Pretty! The beanie is so nice. I love it!