Saturday, 11 August 2012

Working bee

Zach and I went to the school working bee today, I worked my but off, raking mulch and other odd jobs. It was fun, Zach had fun too, he had a few other kids to play with.
I started chatting with one of the mums later in the day, her two oldest go the high school and she homeschools the younger four children, I think she is amazing to do that. I'm assuming she must be so organised. 
Her second youngest was playing with Zach and they so clicked even with a two year age gap. She was even making plans for Zach to visit. I'm like 'Whoa, let your mum work out when is best' I talked to her mum, she says 'that's the problem with homeschooling, they don't get enough social interaction' So we worked out, when I think Zach is due for a mental health day off school, we will visit. I love that Zach has made a new friend! and me too!
I was going through my photos the other day and discovered Zach took photos at Irish dancing. Cheeky Boy! 
The other week I bought some new mugs from kmart, they have combi-vans on them, cute hey! 

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