Monday, 6 August 2012

Four huge garbage bags full!

Today I went to a Irish dance class, I was invited by my cryptic crossword friend, She is very good! It was fun and on Mondays that I'm not working, I think I will be dancing. Zach can sit and watch or play on his ipad. Before the class started, he wanted me to turn down the ipad volume so the dance teacher wouldn't get upset by the noise. He dosen't realise the hard dancing shoes drown out everything.
Very excited, today I also got the program for next years concerts for the MSO (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) starting to choose which ones I'll go to.
Also looking online at whats on in darwin, I told my mum "just go and book tickets if you want" I've decided to book four weeks leave in the middle of next year for my Nullarbour trip and book tickets for the train on the way back. more time to save and also allow more time and go up to Alice as well and go see the red center too! plans and dreams
I am so nice and tolerant, Dim had left my spare room full of his crap since he moved out. I had asked him occasionally to pick up stuff. Now telling him. Sunday he picked up four huge garbage bags full of clothes and two boxes of stuff. He is a horder and was a bit overwhelmed by how much stuff he had left behind. The room still is chockers but he has started! What will I do with that room? more plans and dreams
Good night all xoxo

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