Tuesday, 5 June 2012

One day to Scotland we will go

There is a little boy asleep next to me, in his arms is a Loch Ness monster that he made with his dad.
It is called Nessie and she is made out of metal and is not very cuddly.

Zach loves the Loch Ness monster and knows a lot about her. She is a girl plesiosaur, is 15 meters long, likes to swim in deep water, eats pacman fish and might be scared of us.
Zach loves the map feature on my iphone and the ipad, we find Scotland and zoom in on Loch Ness.
We have to go fly there one day and drive around Loch Ness, we can't go swim there because the water is deep water and is only for Nessie and she might be scared of us if we go in the water.
I told Zach we can't swim there because it is also to cold to do that.
Good night and sweet dreams x♥x♥

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