Monday, 2 July 2012

Pumpkin soup

I'm making pumpkin soup, but if you saw it, you would think I was making vegetable soup. But once it it puréed Zach will never know it has vegetables other than pumpkin in it.
Onion, parsnip, carrots, pumpkin, potato and cauliflower, all in there today. And Zach doesn't know. I love all those vegies roasted with a roast lamb or beef and rich gravy, but it wouldn't get touched by Zach. A stir fry would be wonderful too, but I'd be eating alone, so pumpkin soup it is. The menu for dinner here is not that varied, pumpkin soup, pasta bolognese, homemade pizza, I make them every week and I hide vegies in the pasta sauce too.
Last week Zach and I went to the squiggly rainbow house for dinner and we stayed over night. My friend cooked a roast and I loved it! She thought she would cook something that I wouldn't cook for myself. The last time I had a roast was at Christmas, Zach ended up having cereal for dinner and that's ok.
Tomorrow Zach is going to his Nanna and Pa's house for a few days. I have in my freezer some chicken and sweet corn soup, a friend from work cooked it for me, looking forward to having that tomorrow night.
Yesterday we went on a day trip to Ballarat. It was organised through work, we had to get up pretty early and drive to the city and then catch the coach with all the others from the social club. I packed some apples, musli bars, some bread rolls. Made sure I had some books for Zach to read on the bus and knitting for me.
First up was the wild life park, we got to feed kangaroos and pet a koala and a wombat. Zach liked that.
Next was Sovereign Hill, Zach knew it was a gold mine town and was convinced it was a mine craft town, was worried about him being very disappointed. We checked out all the old shops and did a bit of panning for gold, didn't find any.
Then we did the mine tour and Zach was happy, it was mine crafty enough for him.
We went to the old bowling alley and had a go at bowling, I wanted to have a go at making candles, but Zach for some reason hated the idea.
We went to the gold museum across the road and Zach liked the displays where you could turn on the lights to see the gold in the case, so he was going around pushing all the buttons. Interactive is Zach's style for sure!
On the way home, the bus driver played the movie 'Babe' I like that movie
School Holidays are fun!
Good Night x♥x♥

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