Saturday, 21 July 2012

school holidays week 3

I'm sitting in bed, having a glass of wine, Zach is asleep. In the morning, we will go to Auskick, the first for this term, his dad will meet us there. I will go to the city and meet friends at the gallery, go to work that night, sleep all Sunday day. Zach will hang out with his dad and hopefully go to the footy on Sunday and use the free tickets that I got for them. Zach will come home Sunday night and Monday morning we will get up early for the first day of term 3.
We had an extra week of school holidays, the state schools had only two weeks. Yet I didn't do everything with Zach that I planned to do. The Zoo, the art gallery . . .
I also planned to organise the sewing room, do some painting, sort through toys . . .
We did go to Bendigo. We did the gold mine, the wool mills, the Chinese museum, the Chinese gardens, the tram depot tour, tram rides, had hot chocolate.
We love Bendigo, we love the drive up to Bendigo. On the way there I always look out for the four chimneys of a house that long gone.
I always slow down so we can have a look at the polka dot house
and on the way home we look out for the 36 mailboxes all in a row
Bendigo has trams and a wool mill. Zach loves trams, I love wool.
We stayed overnight and I got us the Bendigo experiance ticket, includes gold mine tour, Chinese museum and garden, Bendigo pottery tour and unlimited travel on the tram, super great value!
We didn't have time for the pottery, but ticket is valid for three months and we will be back.

lunch at the Rose Cafe in Kilmore

at the goldmine

then we had a tour of the tram depot

In the garden at the Chinese museum
yes Zach is trying to catch the fish

hot chocolate and minecraft cake
the bats in the park

Whoops, thought that I had uploaded photos, now they are here : )

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  1. Sounds fun! Wish we could of come. See you at school.

    Grace xo