Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Zach's dad and someone

Last night Zach's and I were talking about the school holidays. He talked about visiting C. I didn't know who he was talking about. I asked if he visited with his nanna and pa or with his dad. With his dad, of course I'm wondering which of his friends has a little boy named C. So I ask does C have a mum or dad. A mum, her name S. then it clicked, Zach's dad has a girlfriend. and she has a boy younger than Zach. I'm assuming it's serious, you wouldn't introduce your children to each other unless it was. So Zach, was S nice to you? Yes. Good.
Me getting a little jealous here, I don't want some woman trying to steal my sons affections away from me, but also she'd better be good to him and try to understand that there is more to Zach than what you see. Look deeper to see what an amazing boy he is.
I do hope that it is serious and that his father is not foolish enough to introduce Zach to every woman that he dates. Time will tell.

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