Wednesday, 11 July 2012

School Holidays

Last week Tuesday Zach got to visit his Nanna and Pa. They live in the Latrobe Valley, near where the earthquake was a few weeks ago. I packed his bag, we bought some apples and his milk and drove to their house. Their house is spotless and they have many breakables, but thankfully they are all in cabinets behind glass doors. They are stickelers for routine, so I knew he would get his multivitimens and omega 3 every morning with breakfast and his melatonin drops everynight at six pm.
He stayed five nights, I rang him everynight to see how he was going.
He was fine.
We had fantastic conversations, he told me all about the coalmine that they had visited, and all about the snow that they went to and all about the poodle puppy that Nanna and Pa have. He conversed! and he likes kiwifruit! He also said 'grace' at every meal and they were like 'oh, ok' and just went along with that.
Saturday, a friend had a book sale, she was decluttereing and selling over 400 books, so I arrived early after eating out for breafast to have a coffee and see what treasures could be found. I leant over the first lot of books, rummaged, stood up, ow, ow, ow! my back! anti-inflamitries, painkillers and amazing oil? drops? from my friends natropath.
I stayed most of the day, sitting up very straight and did find many treasures, some for me and many for Zach. We love books!
Monday morning I picked up Zach from his dad's house, we visited friends in the morning and friends in the afternoon, we were invited to have diiner with our friends at the local pub. I love not having the think about cooking sometimes. Zach had the fish and chips kids meal and I had roasted lamb shanks with mashed potato, roasted root vegetables with the best gravy, oh so delish! accompanied of couse by a lovely glass of red.
Enjoying these holidays very much and because Zach's school has three weeks for their midyear break, more fun stuff next week!
Time now for a yum coffee under the trees outside I think

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