Sunday, 29 April 2012

joining in

Last Saturday was the first day of auskick, I had waited until the Friday night before to buy Zach his footy boots. just to be sure he didn't grow out of them before the first day. So we went to fountain gate shopping centre and bought the boots, a few pairs of tracky pants and we meet his dad there. I had a night shift that night and made it clear to Zach's father that the first auskick for the year was on the next morning, everything was organised.

The next night on my way to work, rang up to say hello to my little man and I asked him how auskick was, the poor boy didn't know what to say. Turned out they didn't go. His father knew his car was low in petrol, but didn't any. The Saturday morning, couldn't get his car started, by the time he got petrol, Zach would have been a half hour late, so they didn't go to auskick.
I was fuming, I didn't arrive at work the night in a chirpy mood. Zach didn't know what to say to me, because he didn't want to lie to his mumma and he didn't want himself or his dad to get in trouble for not going to auskick. He is such a sweet boy!

So yesterday was the first day of auskick for Zach this year. We took photos of his new boots.
 I found his tigers shirt, he needs a new one, it's a bit short now.

Spoke to the coach about Zach and got Zach to introduce himself. We were early so Zach could be comfortable about being there. First was warm up, Zach joined in, then there was handball drills, Zach joined in, waited in line for his turn. Then they split into two teams and played a game and Zach joined in! He had come so far in the last year! There was still some nail biting, but he joined in! Next week I can relax a bit more and I will be taking my knitting

For lunch we went to a friends house, it was a birthday lunch, ended up spending the rest of the day there. Food, wine, going through youtube, choosing songs, my friend can somehow put what is on the Internets onto her tv, that is so cool! I am technologically challenged, so I am easily impressed.
Zach and his friend played the whole afternoon, he learnt how to play on the wii.
I tried to teach the birthday girl a new knitting stitch that I learnt the other week. My friend wouldn't let me put the youtube knitting tutorials up, "give me a song name" "bee stitch" "no!"

I can knit and purl and do bee stitch and today I learnt Eiffel tower stitch which uses knit and purl and putting the yarn over and purling two together. So Excited!
Makes little Eiffel towers and then you can knit heaps together to make a bigger Eiffel tower
Making a scarf. Totally addicted to all the knitting tutorials on youtube, so many cool stitches! 
good night ♥x♥x


  1. The scarf looks amazing! Have missed you! My essay is done, time for lunch I think! xx Hope Zach is loving Auskick xxx new boots is special! Master J would be jealous!