Monday, 16 April 2012

does he have a problem with his brain

We went camping, for two nights. We got to the campground well after lunch. It seemed to take forever for me to pack the car and we needed to get some groceries from the shops as well. When going away, I pack in a hurry, and always seemed to forget something, this time spare socks (first time ever, usually have twice as many pairs as what I need) and sugar. My car felt over full for two nights, distribution rough. I pack so haphazardly, because I am just itching to just go! anywhere!

I chose Bunyip State Park, it is close, the campground is only twenty k's from Gembrook, could have campfires, Zach learnt how to toast marshmallows and was free.
I didn't realise it was popular for four wheel driving and motorcycling or that not many people go camping there.

We drove fifteen kilometres on gravel road through the park to get to Nash's campground, my car is so dusty, potholes big, real big! Only one other car when we got there, so I set up camp near them. It was a dad and his eight year old son, Zach made friends, I was relieved.
Set up tent, collected firewood, organised dinner, small talk with the dad, who I noticed mentioned his wife almost straight away (I must so look single) he didn't need to, wasn't interested, just making small talk, being friendly. I'm friendly, you know.

Dinner early, then toasting marshmallows, hot chocolate early (with extra marshmallows), melatonin early all equals bedtime early, Zach asleep by 6:45 it was super dark early too in the forest.

Sitting at the campfire the nearly nine year old says "I can't understand Zach sometimes when he talks to me, does he have a problem with his brain"

oh just stab me in the heart, why don't you!

his dad who was rummaging in their tent, came out to the fire pretty quick

Mind not clear, I did say " he has autism" and "No he doesn't have a problem with his brain" not even sure how I explained it. I drank a lovely plastic camping cup of merlot after that.

To many people think about problems and how to fix them. Zach's brain is not a problem to be solved, he is like a cryptic crossword. Today at a party, a friend who buys the paper solely for the crosswords explained that she uses both the straight out clues and the cryptic clues to work out the words, but there is nor rhyme or reason to the cryptic clues. It just takes time to work them out. That's Zach. I then taught her how to do soduku, which I love! so logical and all numbers have a place. Also gave my friend another reason to buy the paper.

Sunday morning was cold, the day was warm. Our camping neighbours packed up and left by nine and then it was just us. Zach wandered around the campsite and played pac-man or ninjago with some lego that he had and some sticks and rocks he found. I started reading a book 'Eat, Pray, Love' we ate nearly every hour. by 2ish Zach was bored, so went went for a short drive to see some big rocks.

I drive a little car. The roads through this park are narrow and the potholes are big and deep, all the transportation that I saw driving were motorbikes or big four wheel drives. The road to see the 'Four  Brothers Rocks' that road not made for two way traffic and in parts I was shitting myself. Also discovered if I go up really steep hills, appears that my car have significantly more petrol than when I go down really steep hills.
got to the car park, one other car, looking at the stickers at back of car, a family with two daughters, no axes in any ones hand. good. No, I'm not a paranoid who worries a lot, just when it's me and Zach alone in a forest, I know, why go camping!

according to map 500 meters from car park to massive rocks

to big rocks, yes. massive rocks a bit further away than that

My friend Rachael would love the moss on this rock >

a bit further Zach sees this rock showing through the track, looks like ghostbusters, must take photo

He also likes to set up photos. this is just when we get to the massive rocks

Wow, these rocks are massive!           


got someone in the non axe murdering family to take
a photo of Zacharias and Myself

check out the termite nest in the tree

on our drive back to the campsite, checked out the helipad

Then Zach played some more, I read some more. Dinner was cooked, a fire was built, more marshmallows were toasted and more hot chocolate drunk. It was a great day. It was a relaxing day.
Zach went to bed, I planned to have a wine, some cheese, crackers with this amazing spiced plum paste from maggie beer and just sit and watch the fire.

I hear night time birds and animals, Zach hears them too, he should be asleep, he has had his melatonin. But he is scared and fear keeps a person awake. He calls out 'Mumma! whats that noise" I scull my my wine, cheese goes back in the esky, a small log, knife and the bottle go in the tent with me. Zach falls asleep as soon as i'm next to him, he knows mumma will keep him safe. And I take ages to fall asleep, thinking about axe murderers and crazy people that might live in the forest. next time we are camping at a more populated campground.

Monday, today! We sleep in until 7, we have a birthday party to go to at 11 my plan is to pack up and leave by 8:30 go home, have a quick shower, I stink. Then go to party.
We leave campsite 10:03 get to Emerald, first stop buy socks, a birthday card, birthday present (lego) then to party we go.
We got home after 3 and I'll clean out the car tomorrow, I might even give it a wash, my car so dusty.

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  1. You are an amazing Mumma! xxxx what a lovely time, and of course I LOVE that moss! xxxx