Sunday, 8 April 2012

sometimes dinner is a toasted cheese sandwich and a bottle of wine

Happy Easter! I've worked the weekend away and am now home alone. Zach has been the last three nights with his dad and his nanna and pa. Today was the Easter egg hunt! I spoke to him earlier on the phone, he is having a great time! And found lots of eggs!

One more night shift and then nine days off! So many plans, go to the sand sculptures in Frankston, go to Healesville, see the movie 'Pirates, band of misfits' looks funny, go camping for a few nights, go to a birthday party... just hang out with Zach for the school holidays

One more night shift, some sleep, then I will pick up Zach from his grandparents.

But now I am home alone and I am hearing things, just bumps, creaks, possums, my dogs barking at random things, normal things. But today I am a little jumpy, maybe because the cat who sleeps 23 hours a day is walking around with extreme caution or maybe because I am home alone. Being home alone is odd, if I work Zach goes to his dad's house, if I don't work, Zach is with me.

On the rare occasions that I am home alone, I cook meals that I know Zach won't like or stay up reading novels or do some sewing or weed the garden by spotlight. but today, after sleeping most of the day, after a late afternoon chat with Zach, I went on facebook, checked emails, google, wikipedia ... I need to eat

lazy shiftworker dinner is... toasted cheese sandwich

nerves on edge, cause I'm home alone and I hears things, wait I have some sparkling in the fridge.

Dogs go on sudden rant and bark like crazy, I nearly scull first glass in less than a second.
Should be used to random barking, they are Chihuahua's!

So now I have eaten a yummo toasted cheese sandwich (and taken photos of my food)
drunk a few glasses of sparkling wine (wine with bubbles)
and feeling very brave, beware the intruder who tries rob my house, who needs a man around! (but still not brave enough to ask out that man I have crush on)

I won't do any knitting tonight, normally it relaxes me, but tonight my tension would be all wrong, wrong, wrong! My tension depends on my tension, so nervous, scared, jumpy, tipsy, drunk, tired = no knitting

It is very dark now,
I think I will sleep very well tonight
Goodnight x♥x♥


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    1. I slept beautifully! 9 hours straight! had the best coffee this morning too!