Tuesday, 3 April 2012

the flower show

On Sunday, Zach and myself went to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
We just call it the flower show.
I love going to the flower show!
The colour, the ideas, the inspiration,
now just need the motivation and the money to put it all into practice.

Even getting to the show was fun!
Took us a while to get ready, Zach had to wear his auskick hat and wear his auskick backpack and decide what lego he would take with him. I did manage to convince him to leave the lego in the car.
 We caught the train into the city, Zach was very excited, lots of hand flapping, he loooves trains! nearly every station, the question was "is this our stop, is the flower show here?"


Parliament station has a surreal, seventies science fiction feel about it, I love the mod blue striped walls. The escalators are so steep, I had to stand behind Zach, he very worried he fall backwards.

First stop was the sculpture avenue

my favs


Zach's favs

the meerkat statues caused a lot of discussion

"what type of cats are they?"
 a lot of explaining that kat is just part of their name, they not cats.
ten minutes later
"what type cat, meerkats?"
We saw so many different garden displays, last year the theme was being water wise. This year, big emphasis on on food production, growing food in limited space.
The little veggie patch co display made growing your own veggies look so easy!
so inspired!
I loved this display from Lille Fro
A greenhouse designed for Himalayan conditions
Lille Fro is a greenhouse program for indigenous communities in the Himalayas
amazing how a small patch of earth can be cultivated


 ideas i liked

 Zach was so impressed by the bum chairs at this pavilion
 "they funny"

He was also convinced these performers would actually be able to fly their bike 

We found a garden that featured a train!
Zach in heaven, more hand flapping and we had to watch this train go around and around the track



a tulip petal

It was so busy, was amazed at how Zach coped with all the crowds,
We managed to see all the the garden designs on display as well as the displays on my list
Gave the great hall of flowers a miss, too many people for both of us
got a free rain gauge! joined the diggers club and got free seeds!
It was such a great day! big bonus, tickets were free! gift from my friend
Hope you like all the pics! good night x♥x♥

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  1. Sounds like the perfect day... wish I could go to something like that... maybe next year me and my girl will go... maybe Master J too... he likes gardening. I love that greenhouse, might google that one - I need a greenhouse! xxx