Wednesday, 28 March 2012

once upon a time

Zach and I love books, we love reading, Zach loves me reading to him. He also loves when I tell him stories about when I was little. Evey night we have hot chocolate milk, read stories, pray, then I sing a Dutch prayer to him, then it is lights out.

Some of our favourites are 'Tough Boris' 'Toyboat' 'The Little Red Hen' and 'Clown of God'
'The Clown of God' was a book I had when I was a little girl. After Zach was born, I searched around for it, because I loved it. Now Zach does too. It's a story of a clown who uses his gift of juggling to make others happy and in the end juggles for God and makes God smile.

We have a lot of books! I have a collection of fairy tales and rhymes from Little Golden Books, our favourite is 'The Little Red Hen' I love how at the end of the story, the hen eats all the bread she made herself and doesn't share it. I know we teach adults try to teach children to share, but sometimes we also need to teach children that if they have put in all the hard work for something, then the reward is theirs alone.

He also loves story cubes! We got them from his speech therapist over a year ago. The story cubes are a pack of nine dice, but instead of numbers, they all have different pictures on them. We takes turns rolling the cubes and making up stories based on what pictures come up. It is to build up imaginative and creative language skills.

Mostly Zach just describes what the pictures are, but he is starting to build stories.

He loves for me to tell the stories, he likes to skip his turn a lot. I try to tell good stories for him.
It's a lot of fun!

And all the stories I tell, always have to begin with 'Once upon a time'

Good Night x♥x♥

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  1. My boys often say "tell me about when (insert mine or one of my siblings names) was little" they love made up stories too but the real ones are their favourite! When I was little my dad was crap at goodnight stories... he read them too fast without any excitment, but he always read to us because he was supposed to, sometimes he made up stories with thinly veiled morals, these were the best, I loved them! My boys know them too.
    P.S Isaac loves Harry the Dirty Dog!!!!