Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hello! First blog ever. I didn't mean to, but I invited some friends to travel with me and Zach in September. Response, unable to travel then, but will stalk me in my blog. So I had to start a blog and somedays I have a lot to say.

Today we are having a lazy day, I'm trying to work out the whole photo and template blog thing. Zach is creating lego angry birds and lego pacman. We have just worked out how to use the video on the ipad, so all the lego creations are being filmed in action!

The drawing below was drawn by Zach a few years ago. It is of us together, red is my favourite colour, I was never a fan of hearts especially in jewellery, too cutesy, too cliche, but Zach loves them. Hearts mean Love and  'Love you' and hearts were drawn because "we love together" So I am embracing the hearts, even have heart jewellery, all chosen by Zach.

In grade five, the teacher gave all of us a different bible verse from proverbs to remember, I still remember it. A few years ago, I had great heartache and even if I tried to hide it, those close to me could see through that. I have a happy heart and I know it shows. Having been through that heartache, I see people who are trying to disguise their own heartache, with a false cheerfulness, just trying to get by. At bedtime Zach and I pray for so many to have a happy heart.

Time for a big mug of hot chocolate for us both! x♥x♥


  1. oh my - you make me cry! Beautiful! xxx

  2. YAY!!!
    A happy heart, what a blessing!
    I'm following you!
    Be warned, my blogs an outlett for all kinds of crazy, soap boxing, loving, hating stuff!!!