Saturday, 14 April 2012

school holidays so far

Zach has school holidays, two and a half weeks of them! Next Wednesday he is back at school.
 He had Easter at his Nanna and Pa's house, he really enjoyed it!
We went to Healesville sanctuary with friends, such a great place, so glad it is free for children during the holidays.
I've been cleaning and rearranging and bidding on tables on ebay, need to sort out a permanent sewing space.
Yesterday, went and saw 'Pirates" movie, took two days of talking about it, before Zach was ready to go to the cinema
Today We are going to go camping for a few nights, just decided Bunyip State Park is where we will go, it's close and we can have campfires, must buy marshmallows on the way.
 I have seen my guardian owl again, I have seen her at the top of power pole at the end of the driveway, watching over my house, but usually at dusk. Thursday afternoon, lying down in the bedroom, looking out the window, saw a bird in the tree. took a while before i realised it was an owl.

didn't realise from this angle that there were two

do you see them

mumma owl and baby owl

going to pack the car now, have a wonderful weekend! x♥x♥x

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