Monday, 7 May 2012

On the train

I'm on the train to work. I have forgotten my knitting, how is that possible, if you saw my handbag and my mind, you would know that it is possible. My mind is unorganised at the moment and my handbag is huge and I carry everything in it. I am prepared for most things, but the contents of my bag are different everyday. I don't remember takings knitting out yesterday. So I am on the train with nothing to do. But two days ago I got an iPhone and WOW I can go on the Internet anywhere! But I'd rather be knitting. I'm following a knitting blog, don't know how to post link, still new to this, just look at the blogs I'm following. Every week a new stitch shown with video, this week plait cable. I want to do that, but I forgot my knitting. Perhaps I'm unorganised because I'm doing a very rare day shift today, training today, so I couldn't swap to a night shift, getting up at 4am is very harsh. I dropped Zach off at his dads house, then caught the train. Poor baby, I hate disturbing his sleep like that. He is happy his dad will pick him up from school today, that so rarely happens. No photos today, haven't worked out how to do that yet, using iPhone. Have a great morning! XOXO Anyone know how to do hearts on iPhone?

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