Thursday, 24 May 2012

some plans & ideas

There is a little boy asleep beside me. I love him more than you can imagine, some days I don't want him to grow up, but he will. He looks like an angel when he is sleeping.
He is seven and at the moment is pacman mad. His next birthday will have a pacman theme.
Discovered that sky high has a maze and do kids parties, should it be a dress up, Zach as pacman chasing all his ghost friends around the maze. Need to make a costume then.

I have so many ideas, fruit platters will have cherries on them for sure,
at least I have until December, yes that's right December, I need to plan ahead, my time management is not the greatest, so i need to organise Zach's party, when I can.

I will sew ghost bunting, in my new sewing space, on my new sewing table. Last Sunday a friend helped me pick up my ebay purchase - the table. She also made cake for us to share over coffee!

so setting up the sewing room, making space for me.

comfy chair for friends to sit and knit in, when they visit, side table for coffee or hot chocolate.

lamps for reading

I will add photos when the room set up

going to pinterest for more ideas

goodnight, sweet dreams everyone x♥x♥


  1. That sounds so lovely!
    Dont forget to invite me!

  2. haven't seen you for quality time! I'm glad you got the table... once I've moved, I'll help you move furniture! xxx