Sunday, 31 March 2013

I ate a chocolate heart

The first lot of school holidays are here. The hot days are over. I am now waiting for the rain to heal the gaping cracks in my front lawn. The chooks are free ranging around the yard and I am waiting in anticipation for eggs, soon, very soon.
This Easter weekend I am busy, working four night in a row, three nights are usually my limit, but I have done a few shift swaps to have six days off next weekend. Zach and I are going camping in Echuca on the Murray river. I have bought new sleeping bags, that can handle -2 degrees. I tried them out yesterday after my night shift. Slept so well, they so toasty. So we will be right if it is cold next week. I love going to Anaconda when they have specials on, I love all the camping gear you can get. There is a few more things I want to get before our Nullarbour trip in September.
Zach has spent the last few days with his nana and pa in Gippsland. I rang before I started work, he told me all about the treasure egg hunt this morning and all the clues to find the chocolate eggs, he is having a marvellous time! I will pick him up Tuesday afternoon, do looking forward to seeing my boy!
Zach will be so chocolated out from Easter, I didn't buy myself any chocolate eggs this year, because I have given up sugar. So after my second night shift, when I got home, I had a chocolate craving like you wouldn't believe and I had no chocolate in the house, or so I thought. Rummaging through cupboards, I found super dark cooking chocolate that was to bitter for me and a milk chocolate heart. I haven't had chocolate for months and I devoured that chocolate heart in seconds. It was way too sweet.
Check out my latest knitting project, I hope I get it finished before we go camping. Beautiful pure wool, it will be very cosy. Of course after camping, we will have to go home via the Bendigo wool mills, not that I need more wool.
Hope you had a happy Easter xoxo

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