Sunday, 7 April 2013


It is our third and last night of camping in Echuca. We are camped in a very dusty, beautiful away from everyone campground. It's free, on the banks of The Murray a few k's out of Echuca. We went with friends, one friend came with her partner and her two girls, (the first two nights) first time camping as a family, they loved it! My other friend turned up yesterday afternoon, seasoned camper, rockclimber, biker, all round amazing woman, could only stay one night, but she spent the day with us today.
What a day, what a lovely weekend, our weather has been perfect! A touch of rain this morning, followed by a rainbow, as Zach said " it's so colourful!"
We went out today on a paddle steamer up The Murray. It had a wood powered steam engine and we even got to see the engineer load it up with firewood. Zach and all the other children on board got to steer the boat. Also we went to the miniature railway, yes I found one just for Zach! We had a few rides and Zach got to fill up the water tank of one of the steamy's, so pleased he was.
Yesterday the two of us had gone into town and looked at the railway station and the old steam engine parked just near it. We took many photos of the engine, the turn table and the old run down caboose. Zach wanted to climb into the engine and the caboose to have a look. No to the engine, it wasn't safe. No to the caboose, because someone had made it their home. I could see through the door, the blankets, bedding and few possessions there and I could smell the long term unbathed smell from them and I knew. I explained to Zach about some people not having homes and how they made a home where they could. Someone had made a home for themselves there and we had to be respectful and not go into their home and touch anything there. No matter that it was on public property. He understood and was very curious and perhaps a bit envious of who might be living in the caboose. Having a home is such a blessing.
We have really enjoyed our weekend away, tomorrow the big pack up and drive home. A few places we want to see, I don't think we will get to all, but we do what we can. Good night all xoxo

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