Thursday, 27 December 2012

the concept of Santa

Christmas Eve is was just Zach and me. During the day we went and visited a house n Macclesfield, the owners had decorated there house inside and out to raise money for the Macclesfield fire station. We had an early dinner, opened presents, then went down to the Menzies Creek Station, where a lot of the Menzies Creek people were meeting for Christmas drinks and catch ups. So relaxing, meet new people in the area. Zach thought it was a great party at the station and just had to take his newest engine 'Luke' along.

Sometime in September or October, We were at Big W and Zach heads straight for the trains or the Lego to dream and imagine. He so wanted 'Luke' from 'Thomas and blue mountain mystery' I convinced him that could be a birthday or Christmas present. So left with relative ease, I don't want to buy toys every time we go out. The day after his birthday, he said 'you forgot Luke" Yes I did. I thought I have to get 'Luke' but I dread going to the shopping centres at this time of year, so many people, all pushing and touching, all hot and smelly, I hate it. I do not understand the attraction of the boxing day sales either, ugh! Well I was given a Coles gift card for Christmas from work, so a few days later at a Coles (where I never usually shop, too far) going down the aisles getting groceries, they have a small toy section. With some Thomas engines! Hello, there's Luke! and he is half price! I grabbed him and a friend and hid them under the potato flour. Zach found me in the next row and I was so smug. I wouldn't let him look at everything in the trolley, because I had a surprise for him.

So Christmas Eve, opening presents Zach was full of enthusiasm. He loved everything! Opening his board games "Oh Penguins!" So excited to get Luke and Sidney both Thomas and friend engines. Later after all the paper cleaned up and Zach playing, he says "oh mum, your so great" because he knows the presents are from me and I get all the credit.

Zach knows of Santa, he sees him on cards, out shopping, in movies. But I have never said hey these presents here are from Santa. He has just known that they are from me. When I was little, the presents were from my parents, I don't remember believing in Santa. I also remember other children telling me what they got from Santa and me thinking 'didn't your parents get you anything' then thinking maybe Santa is for those whose parents forgot or can't give anything.
Each year at primary school, we would pick a name and have to buy a present. I went to a primary school where most family's had dutch ancestry, so each year the presents would be delivered by St. Nicholas. Very exciting and each year was the question whose dad is dressed up this year. Though looking back some in my class wouldn't have wondered that, and really believed.

I also wasn't brought up with the Easter bunny. Chocolate eggs have nothing to do with Christianity so I never knew about the Easter bunny. I remember in kinder all of us children making little baskets and having to put them next to our bags and at home time they were all full of chocolate eggs. At the time I didn't ask why, I was five and had two older brothers. If I was given chocolate, I ate it quick. If I had asked my brothers on the school bus home why I was given chocolate, no explanation about Easter bunny would have been given I assure you. My brothers would have said that is to share with us and taken the lot. But I don't feel I've missed out.

Zach thinks Christmas is wonderful, he loves the lights, the tree, the presents, mumma baking shortbread. He knows that Christmas is about Jesus Birthday and that we go to Luna park for Jesus birthday. We actually go for my work's family Christmas party. There is as Santa there too, but Zach won't go near him.
Some people say I should make Zach believe in Santa, to make Christmas more magical and wonderful. I wasn't lead to believe in Santa and thought Christmas was such a wonderful and magical time. I know Santa doesn't make Christmas and I know if you the most bah humbug person ever, the sight of Santa doesn't help.
I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and were able to spend it with the one you love XOXO

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  1. Etelka!
    I WISH I had been here for the boys first
    Christmas, I am weaning them off tonnes of Santa presents.. slowly