Sunday, 23 December 2012

Bigger than Ben Hur, then very low key

School is over, as well as Zach's birthday. He turned eight. His party was a dinosaur themed party. We had a playdate the week before his party, I told my friend that I was so busy with Zach's party, she said "that's because you go bigger than Ben Hur with his parties" and I do.
Everything has to match, I made bunting with dinosaur fabric, made dinosaur crayons and organised a dinosaur dig.

It's back on with Dim and S, Zach talks about C, he is six. I said to Dim, if it is serious and if Zach is going to see them a lot, they might as well come to his party. They did, she seemed nice enough, but was really to busy to really chat to her.
And now it is nearly Christmas and it is a very low key event here. This year it is just Zach and me. My parents and one of my brothers live in Tasmania, my oldest brother is in Darwin and my youngest brother who lives in Melbourne, is going on holidays with his girlfriend. So it is just us and that is just nice.
We have done Christmassy things, we went to see the Myer Christmas window in the city. We went by train with one of Zach's friends. They waited so well in line to see the windows.
We ended up seeing the golden bees and a puppet exhibition as well.

I put the tree up on the twelfth and have been putting one present under the tree everyday and we are opening presents on Christmas eve. He is getting so many presents because I buy throughout the year and hide at the top of the walk in wardrobe. I can't see what's up there unless I get up on a chair to look. Because of my bad memory, I have gone overboard again.
good night xo

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