Wednesday, 18 September 2013


So much to write, we have seen so much, but I am so tired at the end of each day. We are up early every morning and I mean to get the car acked and get organised quickly each day and get more kilometres driven each day. However we are on holidays and we are taking it easy and so easily distracted by things of to the side of the road.
Yesterday we ended up at Streaky Bay beacause I needed to see water, so I made the detour. Today we went to the Great Australian Bight, it wasn't planned, but it was beautiful and I did see a whale!
We have passed through the halfway mark of Australia and the start if the Nullarbor Plain. I got so excited when I saw the sign, I'm really doing this, can you believe it!
Right now we are camping the night at the Nullarbor Roadhouse. So empty, but full of caravans, camper vans and camper trailers. The road trains park out the front. Behind the campground is part of the golfcourse that spans the whole Nullarbor.
It is going to be a cold night, it is the desert. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings xoxo

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