Thursday, 21 February 2013

Comfort zone

School has been back for about three weeks now, we getting back into a routine. A bit hard when the weather is a bit extreme and you don't handle the heat very well and also nearly out of melatonin. Getting a new script tomorrow. Zach states he hates school and that he is allergic to it. But if you had seen him last year, you would think he was a different boy, we get to school, he carries his bag to class, walks in no worries and has even been sitting with the others on the floor at mat time. No tears or tantrums, such a relief.
Each weekend if I'm not working, we have gone out. Zach would like to stay at home and just play, but there is a whole big world out there. So out of the comfort zone we go.

We went to China town in the city, at Chinese new year. Waiting for the parade, with the crowds was pretty full on for Zach. When the lion dance started and all the fire crackers went off, he hid in one of the port-a-loos until the parade went further down the street. Then of course he had to show me how the port-a-loos flushed with a foot pedal, that was a highlight!
I was so proud of him, he did cope well, lunch time was so out of his comfort zone. We had a Thai rice noodle soup, the spouts and Thai basil and chili on the side. So impressed, we added all the condiments on the side to the soup and he ate, most of it.
We ended our afternoon at the national gallery, we had our hot chocolate and coffee in the members lounge.

A week later, I challenged him twice. We went to one of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra free summer concerts, to listen to some Beethoven, symphony  no.2. We had some friends unexpectedly join us. They noticed the benefit of us going gluten free, Zach was so animated and talkative and understandable.
Our discussion on the way to the bowl. "Beethoven is dead?" yes he is, he lived a long time ago" is he in heaven? I think he might be. "he makes music for God" Yes he does, the most beautiful music you will hear" Beethoven's symphony no. 9 Ode to Joy, my favourite! I truly love Ode to Joy and I've booked myself a ticket to hear it later this year.

I was given tickets from my lovely little reds friend to go see an exhibition, fashion meets fiction. Gorgeous vintage dresses.
Zach was suitably bored, he tolerated being there, but only just because he had possession of the iPhone. Can't win them all.

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