Friday, 12 October 2012

October already@

It's nearly halfway through October already, the holidays are over. I meant to write nearly every night, but I fall asleep so early. So last night, as I ate some double chocolate ice cream that I made the other day, I wrote and tonight adding in all the photos.
We totally enjoyed these school holidays. Zach went for a few days to his dads house in the first week, grand final weekend Zach and I went away for two nights and Zach spent a few days at his grandparents the second week.
The first week when Zach was at his dad's house, I was at a bit of a loss of what to do. I went for a long walk to Emerald and back. I stopped at a friends who I hadn't seen for more than two years. She is amazing! She had her divorce all settled a few years ago and is now renovating her house herself with the help of her four children. She decided to achieve her dreams for the place and stop waiting to do that. So I am inspired by her. I went there for dinner when Zach was at his grandparents.
For most people it was grand final weekend, but Zach's team Richmond tigers weren't in the finals, so it was go away weekend for us. We went to Kilmore. We went on the miniature railway, we were going to go to the tram museum, but on a whim I asked Zach if he wanted to go to the big strawberry. He did, so it was off to Koonoomoo for us, then we zigzagged our way back to Elmore and went on the miniature railway there. Discovered that there is a mini railway in Echuca, so a trip to Echuca this summer I think.
We went to a concert at the zoo and spent nearly a whole day there. Zach really impressed me with how he sat for the whole concert, it was the Melbourne symphony orchestra playing 'Carnival of the animals'
When Zach was at his nanna and pa's house, so I went through the toy room, I dropped off a box of toys at the op shop. Some other child can appreciate what Zach hasn't played with for a long time.
We went to a first birthday party, I made the cake, very pleased with it. A bee skep.
We relaxed. I made muesli, ice cream, baked bread rolls, baked cake, made raspberry jam.
On the warm days, I mowed the lawn, on the cold days, I had the fireplace going.

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